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Small Massage Chair R3

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Massage Chair R3



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Introduction Of Massage Chair R3

Getting regular massages is recommended by thousands of doctors and should be done as many times as possible. Due to recent advancements in massage technology, some medical massage chairs like the ones we recommend can do wonders for our body. It can relax our body, improve circulation and take all the stress out of our mind. That’s why so many doctors recommend getting daily massages. Because of the high number of doctors that recommend getting regular massages, we highly recommend that you get a massage chair. Just get the ones that are well built so you do not have to worry about them falling apart.

Whether you have a quick question or need more thorough assistance navigating your massage chair buying process, we’d love to hear from you. Fill out the survey to the right to find your perfect match AND receive free white glove delivery with purchase!

Massage Chair R3 Manufacturers

Specification Of Massage Chair R3

Product name Small Massage chair Rated power 100W
Mode R3 Massage area Head, Neck, shoulder, Back, Waist, Butt,  Calf, Foot
Rated voltage AC220-240V, 50Hz/60Hz Number of massage heads 4 mechanical massage heads
Rated time 15Min Number of airbag 30
G.W/ N.W 80KG/60KG Package size 120*70*115cm
Massage method roller/airbag/hot compress Massage features Zero against the wall/hot compress function/zero gravity
Rail type SL type rail Movement type 3D mechanical hand massage

Features Of Massage Chair R3

1. The SL-shaped curved track developed according to ergonomics fits the four bending curves of the human body to realize a full-scale massage covering the neck, shoulders, back, waist, buttocks and thighs of the human body;
2. Intelligent 3D massage manipulator, simulating professional massage physiotherapy, to achieve kneading, massage, thumping, grabbing, squeezing and other massages; calf roller scraping massage;
3. Six kinds of intelligent massage programs, one-click sitting to enjoy exclusive personalized massage. Personalized manual fixed-point massage function;
4. Cooperate with the wireless Bluetooth 3D surround stereo system, allowing you to experience a comfortable massage while enjoying the rhythm of music;
5. Body shape detection and sensing system, through multiple sensors to detect body condition, intelligently adapt to body shape fit massage.
6. Nano-carbon fiber thermal moxibustion device for waist and back. Maintain a constant temperature between 45-50 degrees Celsius. Make the human body have a warming effect.

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