Full Body Massage Chair S8

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Full Body Massage Chair S8

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Massage Chair S8


Color Classification:
Brown, Black,Orange


MOQ: :
1-9 sets, 10-49 sets, ≥50 sets

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Introduction Of Full Body Massage Chair S8

There are a lot of different models of massage chairs to choose from, and sometimes comparing options can be overwhelming. That’s why we have a team of fully trained Massage Chair Specialists ready to answer all of your questions and help guide you to your perfect chair. Your specialist will get to know your lifestyle, budget, and unique pain and stress levels, and use that information to evaluate which features will have the most positive impact on your overall wellness. we supply three color design for your selection:Brown, Black and Orange.

Beston Massage Chair Machine

Beston Massage Chair Machine Supplier

Remark:Whether you have a quick question or want to learn more about our massage chair price and buying process, we’d love to hear from you. then will recommend the suitable massager chair , detailed offer sheet, delivery time, packing information, shippping costs, custom clearance information and so on.Learn More

Beston Massage Chair Machine Manufacturers

Sale Overseas of Beston Full Body Massage Chair

Beston Group is China leading electric full body massage chair manufacturer and supplier with over 20 years experience and factory directly sale. In last decades, we have exported our full body massage chair to 90+ country, including, UK, PhillipinesAustralia, Malaysia, Ireland,  Singpore,  Nepal, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Mexico, America, Ireland, Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon, Ukraine, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, etc. And achieved the wide user’s trust and good reputation.

Specification Of Full Body Massage Chair S8

Product Name Massage Chair Features Air pressure massage, hot compress function, zero gravity
Model S8 Massage method Roller massage, airbag massage, hot compress massage
Rated Voltage AC220V-240V 50-60HZ Product Weight Gross weight 110kg / net weight 90kg
Rated Power 120W Number of massage heads 4 Pieces Manipulator massage head
Indoor Size 76cm Airbags Number 30 Pcs
Working Time Setting 15 minutes Packing Size 120*76*120cm
Massage area Neck/shoulder/arm/back/waist/hip/leg/foot Massage adjustment Speed adjustment/mode adjustment/angle adjustment
Massage function Kneading/Tuina/Smoothing/Beating/Zero Gravity Comfort index Comfortable

Features Of Full Body Massage Chair S8

1. The SL-type ultra-long curved track developed according to ergonomics fits the four bending curves of the human body, and realizes a full-scale massage covering the neck, shoulders, back, waist, buttocks and thighs of the human body;
2. The intelligent fourth-generation 3D massage manipulator simulates professional massage physiotherapy techniques to realize multi-dimensional and multi-dimensional stereo massage such as kneading, massage, thumping, grabbing, squeezing, etc.;
3. Adopt the translational sliding design, the whole machine linkage, realize zero space against the wall;
4. Zero-gravity suspended space capsule technology makes the body’s whole body’s gravity evenly distributed, so that the body is in a natural and comfortable state, releasing physical and mental pressure;
5. Airbag all-around wrapping system, massage airbag scientific distribution, all-around wrapping the whole body, let you feel comfortable;
6. 6 kinds of intelligent massage programs, one-click sitting to enjoy exclusive personalized massage. Personalized manual fixed-point massage function. Press wherever you want to massage; with wireless Bluetooth 3D surround stereo system, let you experience a comfortable massage while enjoying the rhythm of music;
7. Body shape detection and perception system, through multiple sensors to detect body conditions, intelligently adapt to body shape fit massage.
8. Stepless expansion and contraction of the lower leg. The leg massager can adjust the length at will according to the user’s height.
9. Nano-carbon fiber hot moxibustion device for waist and back. Maintain a constant temperature between 45-50 degrees Celsius. Make the human body have a warming effect.

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